A Child's Garden of Thyme

Frequently Asked Questions

Does ACGT offer financial aid?

Yes, we do offer a financial aid program. Please see our Enroll page for details on this program.

Is the ACGT program a center or home?

ACGT is an independently licensed and insured home based programs for young children newborn to 5. This program includes an off-site mentor, administrative assitant, and bookkepper.

What training and background is required for teachers at ACGT?

All ACGT teachers have some traditional college in addition to Waldorf and or LifeWays training. Both WECAN and LifeWays North America require ACGT aides to have at least a 200 hour training above and beyond traditional college. ACGT lead teachers are required to have a 400 hour Waldorf Early Childhood training in addition to the 200 hour LifeWays training. Beyond training, all ACGT teachers are also required to take a TB test, obtain a criminal background screening, be fingerprinted, carry a current pediatric first aid and CPR certification, take a preventative practices course, and participate in a Waldorf teacher development course annually.

What types of diapers are offered at ACGT?

ACGT strives to provide the highest quality early childhood experience in every way. To that end, we use either cloth diapers provided by a family for their child or we provide unbleached natural diapers, alcohol free seventh generation wipes, and Weleda calendula diaper care products. If you family prefers something else, please let us know.

Are drop in's available?

Yes, drop in's are available for families currently enrolled into the program at least one day a week. A 24 hour notice is appreciated.

How does ACGT function?

ACGT strives to work collaboratively with parents, teachers and other Waldorf programs in the region and adheres to all requirements set forth by WECAN, LifeWays North America and local licensing.

What do children eat at ACGT?

Our menus vary some seasonally and from year to year.

Early bird breakfast includes:GF Oats, GF pancakes, waffles, hard boiled eggs, or homemade yogurt
Warm months snack includes:Fresh fruits, nuts, nut butters, rice cakes, muffins, popcorn and fresh veggies
Cooler months snack includes:Dried fruits, warm cereals, hardboiled eggs, muffins, nuts, nut butters and breads
ACGT Lunch Menu:MondayPinto beans, homemade tortillas, and guacamole
 Snack: Hummus on rice cakes and sliced vegetables
 TuesdayBrown rice and seasonal vegetables
 Snack: Fruit, nuts, and dried fruit
 WednesdayPea soup with carrots and cornbread
 Snack: Oatmeal with raisins or cranberries and banana
 ThursdayBuckwheat soba noodles, with sautéed vegetables
 Snack: Homemade gluten free bread
 FridayPasta with seasonal vegetables
 Snack: Roasted vegetables

What type of food do you provide for a child not yet eating solid foods?

We provide child friendly organic meals and snacks. We also make baby food for those beginning solid foods. We provide bottle fed babies with whatever milk the family has provided and feed them on schedule. We invite breast feeding moms to drop by and nurse on a prearranged schedule as well.

Do you make accommodations for children with food sensitivities or allergies?

ACGT is experienced with food sensitivities and allergies and is happy to accommodate any need. ACGT will happily adjust all menu items to be served gluten-, casein-, or egg-free as needed.

What do parents need to send into class with their child each day?

ACGT requests that you send a backpack with a full change of clothes including extra socks and undergarments, a sun hat, a warm hat and a light sweater or jacket. On rainy days, we request that your child come to school with a raincoat and boots in addition to the aforementioned. We are happy to provide everything else (food, diapers, crafting supplies, etc.)

Parent Participation:

Our programs are an educational community and as such, we depend on each family to offer a commitment of time to festivals and fundraisers, and word-of-mouth publicity of our program and events. Parent participation in day-to-day chores; such as our weekly “flower family”, daily “porch sweeper”, and daily “spider sweeper” gives the children observing these activities a sense that their school is important and made possible by the loving, working hands of many.

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