A Child's Garden of Thyme

Admissions Process:

The following is the process for application:

  1. Read all the information available on the website
  2. Take a tour
  3. Submit an application (located on this page)

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Tuition & Fees:

What are the fees for ACGT?

Our current fee schedule and application are available above for download.

About Fees and Tuition:

A Child’s Garden of Thyme (ACGT) closely mirrors (but is slightly less) than the local Waldorf School preschool rates, with the addition that all organic meals, snacks and diapers are included as part of our program.

Our goal is to make this program as accessible to as many families as possible. To that end, tuition assistance, various discounts and barter opportunities may be available for those that may need and qualify for support.

All tuition, fees and deposits are non-refundable. Tuition income provides an educational program throughout the school or calendar year. The annual contract represents an annual obligation. Tuition may be paid by July 15th in full or in monthly payments as described above each tuition schedule. Tuition cannot be calculated on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. There is not a discount, refund or other allowance for absences, family or school vacations. Should a mid-year or mid-month withdrawal become necessary, full tuition is still due, as noted in the Enrollment Contract.

Does My Family Qualify for a Discount?

A 10% discount for all annual contracts paid in full by July 15th for the upcoming school year. This discount is applied to the registration and tuition portion of the statement.

A 5% discount for all annual contracts paid monthly for the upcoming school year. This discount is applied to the tuition portion of the monthly bill.

A sibling discount is offered on the tuition portion of each monthly or annual statement. 20% for the second child and 30% for the third child. The registration fee is also waived for each additional sibling.

Discounts and Work Exchanges:

All discounts and exchanges must be agreed upon in writing and fulfilled prior to the month of August. No more than one discount per child.

Is Tuition Assistance Available?

Yes, we offer tuition adjustment to families that require it (up to four families per location per school year). Before applying for an adjustment with ACGT, you may want to explore where or not your family is eligible for a child care subsidy.

ACGT offers 5% (for a 1–day student), 10% (for a 2–day student), 15% (for a 3–day student), 20% (for a 4–day student), and 25% (for a 5–day student) tuition adjustments as needed on a first come, first served basis. Please note that the adjustment only applies to the tuition portion, not registration and supply fees. Each family participating in the tuition adjustment program is required to sign a full school year contract rather than participate in the month–to–month program. The negotiated amount will not decrease over the course of the school year. However, a family is expected to voluntarily increase their tuition payment if their situation improves. A trade for goods or services may make also make a family eligible for a tuition adjustment.

If you have additional questions about our tuition adjustment program or are in need of something outside the above options on a short term basis, please feel free to contact us directly at info@AChildsGardenofThyme.com. We will do our very best to work with your families' financial situation and needs.

How long is the school year contract?

You may register for a full calendar year, school year, 9 months, 6 months, 3 months, or month–to–month. You secure your child's space in our program with a longer contract. We require families give a 30 day (full calendar month) written notice prior to decreasing days on a month-to-month contract

Do you offer drop ins?

Yes. A preregistered family may drop in on any program with 24 hours notice provided that we do not exceed our student capacity limit of 12.

Do you offer sibling discounts?

Sibling discounts are offered off of the tuition — 20% for the second child and 30% for the third child for our programs. For the Parent-Child, additional siblings who are crawling/walking age are an additional $20 — children older than 3 are encouraged to enroll in the early childhood program.

When are fees due?

The first month's fees and tuition are due upon registration. These fees and tuition are non-refundable.

Why is there a drop in tuition rates once a child turns 3?

Reduced tuition rates become available to full paying families when a child becomes three due to the fact that we generally no longer need to provide diapers, wipes, organic baby cream, etc. The three year old child also requires much less one on one attention and care. Lastly, licensing prohibits the number of children we can accept on a daily basis under two. A larger number of young children requires that we limit our enrollment numbers while increasing the number of aides on hand to assist with those children. A higher tier of tuition allows us to accommodate all of those requirements.

What tuition fee do I pay when my child turns 3?

If you are on a standard contract (not a Tuition Adjustment contract), then the tuition fee will updated to the corresponding "Aged 3-5 years" rate (please see our Fee Schedule) for your schedule and is applied the month your child turns 3. For example, if your child's birthday is April 15th, your April tuition would be adjusted for payment due on March 15th.

Are families required to pay a registration and supply fee monthly?

Yes, since ACGT offers a month-to-month program, those fees are assessed monthly. Those fees closely mirror the surrounding Waldorf school fees and may be paid up front if desired.

What are my payment options?

Tuition may be paid in one annual payment or in monthly installments. Payments are due on the 15th of each month for the following month. Any payment received after the 25th must include a $50 late fee. Tuition may be paid by check or cash.

Is there a discount for an annual contract?

Yes, families that enroll in an annual contract from August to June, receive 5% off of the tuition portion of the billing monthly. Families that prepay for an annual contract from August to June receive 10% off of their total tuition including registration and supply fee.

What if my child starts after the beginning of the school year?

We offer year round enrollment. If your child joins our program after the beginning of the school year, the tuition will be prorated appropriately.

Do I have any obligations beyond tuition?

A Child's Garden of Thyme is only as strong as its parent body. By volunteering for our school activities you help to make our school stronger and a better place for your child to learn and grow.

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